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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/10/13; 12:53:38 PM
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The Harmonic Interval Palette

The Harmonic Interval Palette has been listed on the SongTrellis site's link bar for a long time, but not many visitors have tried it. It's a way to quickly discover for yourself the different kind of harmonic sensations that can be created by holding a melodic pitch above a chord of a particular type.

It's accessible via the Harmonic Interval Palette link on the link bar. For me, that's on the bottom line of the link bar.

When you select that link, a panel launches which allows you to name the root and type of a chord. There are 12 pitches that you can choose for the chord root. There are 45 chord types that the SongTrellis music editing system can produce. Each of those types produce a different kind of harmonic sensation. Choosing a different root controls whether the sound that you select will be pitched higher or lower as it is built on the chosen chord root.

As soon as you press the "Display Palette" button on this selection panel, a page will launch that will let you audition all of the 12 harmonic intervals that can be produced above that chord choice.

If you review the harmonic interval choices for an unfamiliar chord type (if you are just starting to learn music, they're probably all unfamiliar), you can find those intervals that produce a pleasant sensation for your ear, and those that you must treat with caution, because hearing too much of that sound might be a bad experience. Experiments with the Harmonic Interval Palette can prime your ear when you are preparing to compose new music.

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