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How To Contact David Luebbert, your SongTrellis webmaster.
How does Luebbert handle posts which improperly infringe on copyrights?
How To Post A new Message In the Song Discussions
How To Download A MIDI Sequence From The Changes section of the SongTrellis site
How To Download the printable chord progression score From The Changes section of the SongTrellis site
How To Submit a new score in MIDI format to Song Discussions. Your score will immediately be listed in the Our Composers section of SongTrellis once it has been submitted
How To Use Your Workscore To Create A Chord Progression Arrangement
Webcast Video: How to enter a chord progression into a Workscore using the Workscore Chord Entry page on the SongTrellis site
How to submit an MP3 performance of your score
How To Submit A Workscore Arrangement To the Harmony Projects
How Your Harmony Project May Be Promoted To The Changes
How To Invent New Harmony (a new chord progression) using your Workscore
How To Compose A New Melody Upon a Chord Progression using Your Workscore
Webcast Video: how to compose music using the SongTrellis Workscore Composer
How To Notate A Melody Using Your Workscore
How To Use The SongTrellis Excerpt Service links which appear in many sections of SongTrellis (The Composers, The Changes, The Rhythms).
How To Transpose An Excerpt Into A New Key Using The Excerpt Service
How To Prepare A Score For A Transposed Instrument Using the SongTrellis Excerpt Service
How To Copy A Selection From A SongTrellis music sequence into your Workscore using the SongTrellis Excerpt Service
How to find the newest submissions to The Changes
How to find a list of a particular composers tunes that are listed in The Changes
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