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This page points to several QuickTime animations of musical scores created using the SongTrellis Music Editor. If you play this in place within the browser you may find that the animation lags behind the playback of the tune. If you download the animation onto your machine, it will be more likely to keep the score animation in synchronization with the music playback. On slow Macintoshes and Windows machines wait for disk activity to calm down on your machine before starting one of the animations.

As Viewed By Eagles (QuickTime Animation)
Bonus Days animation
One Still Moment animation
Bach-Fugue in G animation (5.7 Mb)
Very Early chords animated - chords tones are color coded to show the harmonic interval for each tone in a chord
On Green Dolphin Street chord animation

Last update: Monday, January 28, 2008 at 9:51 PM.