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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/10/13; 12:51:33 PM
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An optional presentation, the Interval Flow, can be generated while an Interval Animation plays

Interval animation pages contain a Show Interval Flow switch that can turn on a spectacular visualization of the interval content of a melody and direction of travel of a melody. That Flow display is punctuated to show the boundaries and relative sizes of the phrases of the melody.

Here's that an Interval Animation that generates an Interval Flow report for my composition Aerobatic

An Interval Flow display draws a reduced size rendition of the direction arrow and interval color stack that is generated for each note as it plays in the stock interval animation, and flows that stream of colored squares corresponding to newly heard notes to the right in one row of the display. That display row is accumulated in a display area to the right of the interval color grid.

Interval Flow example

Whenever there's a pause in the melody, which marks the beginning of the new phrase, the display is advanced to the next line of the display where the interval flow for the notes of the next phrase will accumulate.

When the animation completes, the Interval Flow has left behind a bar chart that shows the size of each phrase in the piece's melody.

Each colored column corresponds to a note of the melody, and identifies the melodic and harmonic intervals that were sounded when that note played.

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