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A SongTrellis workscore provides you with your own personal music score (one for each SongTrellis member) which you can edit from your web browser.

You can enter existing progressions into your workscore to hear how they sound or use it to invent a new chord progression for yourself.

To use your own workscore, you'll need to first become a member of the site. We use your email id, which you'll use as your login id, to distinguish your work score from other user's scores, and use your account password to prevent others from accessing your work.

If you are already a member please login

Once you are logged in, your Workscore contents will appear in this panel of the Workscore Chord Entry page.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Every SongTrellis member has their own workscore page. Using the controls available on your page, you can specify a chord by selecting its root, type and duration using popup menus on the workscore page and add it to your workscore. Once you have added at least one chord to your Workscore, you can use the Workscore Composer to invent a melody which harmonizes with the chords in your progression.

The copy of the SongTrellis Editor that is running on our server will voice your chord sequence and create a JPEG image of the last version of your score, which will be displayed on your workscore page. A MIDI sequence that matches the score will also be generated, which will play once as a background sound for the workscore page. When you press the Play or Loop button on the workscore page, your browser will restart that MIDI sequence for you, playing it once again or looping it indefinitely. Pressing the Stop button will silence the playback of your workscore.

If you create a progression that you would like others to listen to, by pressing the button entitled "Submit to SongTrellis Harmony Projects" you can send the current copy of your workscore to be listed in the new Harmony Projects forum.

If you select the Chord Entry by Grid link from the link bar at the top of SongTrellis pages or press the button entitled "Add Chords Using Chord Grid" in the Workscore Chord Entry window, a window will appear which replaces the chord entry controls, with a Chord Grid. Once you press a grid square, an instance of that kind of chord will play to allow you to audition it, and controls will appear below the notation for the chord which will allow you to add this chord to the beginning or end of your workscore.

If you are entering a chord progression from existing sheet music, the chord entry controls that appear by default on the workscore page, will allow for fastest entry into your workscore. When you are trying to invent new harmony, chord entry via Chord Grid will help you audition many harmonic possibilities quickly.

Once you have your score in a form that you like, download the MIDI sequence, save the last score JPEG on your computer, then clear your score using the "Erase Workscore" button and create a new progression for yourself.

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Last update: Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 9:21 PM.