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Posted by David Luebbert, 11/29/99 at 1:09:51 PM.

Question: What can we do with musical materials on this site?

You may incorporate into your own compositions any of the material presented in The Changes or The Rhythms.

If you publish a work that uses one of the site's changes or rhythms without alteration,
it would be equitable if you would acknowledge the source of the material. If you publish it online, please include a link to the page in SongTrellis that is the source of your material. Better still, submit a copy of the work to SongTrellis and become a SongTrellis composer.

If you revoice a chord progression or add or subtract rhythm parts from a rhythm,
it becomes your arrangement and no acknowledgement is necessary.

If you want to use something as a background sound on a web site or wish to distribute any of the MIDI files on a different site,
you need to ask permission of the person who contributed the file. Look through "The Contributors" to find out who contributed the piece. Then send mail to I will forward the request to the contributor. For things that I (Dave Luebbert) have personally contributed, I usually give permission to individuals who want to use my work on their sites after I review their pages to see if I mind being associated with their efforts.

If it's for business usage,
monetary consideration would have to be negotiated with the contributor.

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