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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/10/13; 1:17:59 PM
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The Leap to Harmonic Interval page

The new Leap To Harmonic Interval link on the SongTrellis link bar will launch a page that allows you to audition different ways to move melodically within a particular chord and between different chords.

Where to find the link: Leap to Harmonic Interval currently appears immediately after the Harmonic Interval Palette link on the bottom line of the SongTrellis link bar.

Using the Harmonic Interval Palette, you might have found several intervals that sound really good above a particular chord. Those intervals might be goal sounds that you'll choose to visit when you write a melody that uses those sounds or to invoke during an improvisation. When you use a harmonic interval in a melody, you move from other pitches to reach that goal. This new Leap page lets you audition almost all of the different motions that you have available to move to your chosen goal sound.

When you follow the Leap to Harmonic Interval link, a target chord, a goal harmonic interval that will be played above that chord, a melodic interval leap size and a direction of leap (up or down) will be randomly chosen, and a music example and score will be generated that starts with a pitch that is the specified melodic interval size and direction away from the chosen harmonic interval forming pitch of the goal chord, and that places the next note on a pitch that creates the specified harmonic interval.

If you like what you hear, you've found an idea that you can use to begin your own music composition. If you find the randomly generated idea distasteful, you can change the controls and choose a different melodic interval size, different melodic interval direction, different harmonic interval goal, or different goal chord. As soon as you change these settings, your new idea will be performed and displayed for you.

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Last update: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 1:21 PM.