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Author David Luebbert
Posted 6/27/13; 9:40:41 PM
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Software that must be installed on your web browser to play a Tonematrix loop animation. Why it's necessary.

Tonematrix loop animation depends on a QuickTime 7 player plug-in being installed on a visitor's web browser. QuickTime provides the timing progress reports down to millisecond resolution that are necessary to keep a Tonematrix animation loop in synchronization with its music performance.

QuickTime Version 7 is the last QuickTime version that Apple released that provides MIDI support for web sites.

MIDI was the only feasible music production method that would've given the fast music generation speed necessary to provide instant edit feedback needed to handle Tonematrix changes. Producing the Tonematrix music track in mp3 or ogg would take several, sometimes many seconds, to generate and more seconds to transmit to the viewer's web browser. This music generation and transmission lag would totally destroy a Tonematrix's responsiveness to speed of thought music changes.

Perhaps someone has a software MIDI sequencer that can be bound to a web page. I only know about ones that take a substancial part of a minute to make a new sound ready to play. Instrument changes can take place nearly instantly, barely glitching the tonematrix performance, when QT 7 plays the music.

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