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Author David Luebbert
Posted 6/27/13; 9:32:48 PM
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Pitch assignment exception for Tonematrix grid cells

Grid squares on the same Tonematrix row will play the same preassigned pitch, unless an integer has been entered in a turned on square to raise or lower the square's assigned pitch by that number of chromatic steps (that number of adjacent steps on a piano keyboard).

Except when a tonematrix's rows are set to play the pitches of the chromatic scale (all of the twelve possible pitches that fit in one octave), only one of the hundreds that are possible, there are usually several pitch steps omitted between adjacent rows assigned pitches. This exception allows you to touch one of these in-between pitches when you need to.

An unsigned value raises the pitch, a negative number lowers it. You type an integer into a cell to reach up or down to pitches that the matrix's row assignments skip.

A side hint: this exception provides an effect to add a special sound color to your loop that likely you'll want to do sparingly at first, if at all. This exception is something for leisurely experimentation.

If you don't like what this exception buys you, click on the grid square that contains the integer value and press the space bar. Then click on that square to cause the square's default pitch assignment to play again, if you want that to happen.

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