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Author Bernard Chinn
Posted 10/11/02; 12:50:08 PM
Topic Waltz Decimo
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Charles, Good to hear from you - and to learn a few details about yourself. I have a daughter who lives in New Jersey, and I worked cruise ships based in Miami some years ago, so am not entirely a stranger to the US. As far as I am aware, most waltzes (in the Strauss idiom at least) were written in 3/4, and that is my preferred time. I used to play in a small 'Palm Court' style orchestra, and all the waltzes we played were in that time sig. As far as Borodin is concerned, perhaps I shouldn't advertise the fact, but you can DL loads of his music from a site called KaZaA - try it out. Its all out of copyright, so theres no piracy problems. Apologies to not connecting your name correctly, but bear in mind that most US citizens originated from foreign climes, and I don't believe there to be too many traditional American names - not like us Brits with our 'Greens' and 'Browns' and 'Coopers'. We are just common!! Ragards, Bernard.

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