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All compositions, ©1996-2008, J. Jagelka. All rights reserved
19 compositions listed 
A Different Shade of Blue

As a follow up to the Giant Steps thread here is a tune written a few years ago in which I use the same harmonic concept (3 major chords and their dominants separated by major thirds).  Including a short intro and coda the form is quite simple:  one cycle in G, modulate to B and then Eb.  Each cycle takes four bars  so coupled with a blues/ballard line we get a 12 bar Different Shade of Blue.   Joe

ps. Corrected 7/12/1

Blues 61
  Guitar and bass play same line.  Pianist kept pretty busy, otherwise a laid back kind of old time line in 12/8.
Debbie Called
I think these changes a little different from the usual.  At least I've never seem them used this way.  Great vibe solo (guest artist, anonymous for now,  not me).  Joe
An experiment created using Lars Kinderman's the Music in the Numbers program.
Just Fiends
This is an experiment, a study of two note chords on a progression similar to Just Friends. 
Kathy, My Love
Last Winter's Waltz
Nancy's Blues
This is an instrumental version of the melody I wrote for a poem written by my daughter, Nancy.  It divided easily into a three chorus bebop/blues form.  The title of the song is "Baby You Know What I Want (I Just Don't Want It From You)".  In this version the vibes play the lyric melody exactly as written while the trombone fills in and solos.  A Voyetra sequencer program was used to create the midi file.  The trombone part was improvised directly into the sequencer on a Casio midi guitar.  The rhythm section parts were generated by the Band-In-A-Box program and edited to fit.
No.5 Schoolhouse Lane
One For A Rainy Day
One For Elizabeth Kathryn (An Old Fashioned Waltz)
One For Frank Dupre
This is a study in counterpoint and simultaneous solos.  The chord progression is similar to the bebop blues form called Bird changes.   After the theme was written into the sequencer and a rhythm part generated and adapted, a long improvised solo was played using a midi guitar.  After a lot of editing to remove glitches, etc. the second half of the solo was cut and pasted under the first half.  The 'top' line is voiced as a vibraphone, the 'bottom' voiced as a trombone so the timbres would help separate the voices.
One For Monk
One For Sergio P.
Study in F minor (for Chuck Wayne)

Inspired by Bernard's recent submissions to get off my duff and add  something to the site here is guitar piece written a couple of years back, worked up in a Voyetra sequencer and with an added 2 chorus solo comp section courtesy of Band-In-A-Box.  Here are the changes if anyone wants to solo.

// Fm6 / Dm7b5 / Gm7b5 / C7b9b13 / Fm6 / Dm7b5 / Gm7b5 / C7b9b13 /

/  Fm6 / F7 / Bbm7 / Eb7  / Abmaj7 / Db7 / Gm7b5 / C7b9b13 /

/ Fmaj7 / F6 / Fm7 / Bb7 / Ebmaj7 / Eb6 / D7b9 / D7b9 /

/ Gm7b5 / Gm7b5 / C7b9 / C7b9 / Fm6 / Fm6 / Db7 / Db7 //

Torch Song
Reaching for the classic torch song sound.  Could use a good set of lyrics.  Anyone?
Unwritten Melody

This is a bit different for me.  After I wrote the chord seqences and form I enterd them into Band-In-A-Box and selected a rhythm style.  The changes sounded good alone without a set melody.  I then found a solo style and instrument that produced a  result I liked.   I passed the whole thing through my sequencer program (Voyetra Midi Orchestrator) for editing and here is the result.

I would appreciate hearing any comments (positive or negative).



12/01/02 - Small revisions made.   Probably more to come.  This is a W.I.P.

12/04/02 - More revisions, form  (with added solo line), bass line, some voicings.  Probably last revision, although may do some more work on keyboard and guitar voicings if  I get ambitious. 

We Know Where You're Hiding
Wide open 16 bar format.  Simple tune with plenty of room for blowing.  Guest vibist had a ball, or at least I did listening.  Vibes originally played same 4 note voicings as piano but the sound was too heavy so I cut it to two notes instead.  So piano voicings on theme could be played by vibes or  guitar  (I wrote it for guitar).   Joe
An experiment created using Lars Kinderman's the Music in the Numbers program.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 J. Jagelka. All rights reserved.

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