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Keep Gilmore Green

Composer Napoleon Joseph Martin    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©2006 Ryeside Music (BMI)
Submitted by Nappy Martin
Posted 2/21/07; 10:21:10 PM
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Politics, anyone?  My hometown Selectmen got this brainstorm of trying to build a fire station in the park of a residential neighborhood.  Keep Gilmore Green, my answer, became an anthem for residents many of whose homes had been purchased because of the park.  I hereby grant my blessing to any homeowner in the free world who might be tempted to use this song toward the same objective.  -- njm



The voters of our town repeatedly shot down

That Gilmore site

Some firemen even would have you believiní

It just wasnít right

Couldnít their new station be more sensibly placed

Gouging out a playground would be such a disgrace

So now that Iíve reached you, may I beseech you

Keep Gilmore Green

The kids and their T-ball, does anyone recall

When they werenít there

The hers and the his be, a dog and a Frisbee,

With no other care

Isnít that why people leave the city behind

Rather than be preyed upon like ducks in a blind

Reject all the nonsense, vote with your conscience

Keep Gilmore Green

Keep Gilmore Green, friend, Keep Gilmore Green

Open fields are scarce enough

Dontcha know what I mean

Send the word to the corporate sector

Set their sights along a different vector

Use the old bean and Keep Gilmore Green

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