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Composer Jules Massenet    (click to list other tunes)
Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 1/4/04; 3:57:53 PM
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Chord progression for Jules Massenet's Meditation from the opera "ThaÔs".

Printable GIF image of the score for this progresssion.

Chord voicings in the progression's score whose lowest note is non-black were written in inverted form. The colored bass note shown is the bass note specified in the score.

 In this coloring scheme, light blue chord tones form a harmonic interval of a major third with respect to the chord's root pitch. Dark blue chord tones form minor third harmonic intervals. Purple notes form perfect 4th intervals. Red chord tones form perfect 5th harmonic intervals with the chord root. Gold chord tones form minor 7th harmonic intervals.

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