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Orchestra of the Empty Soul

Composer Justin White    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©1998,
Submitted by Justin White
Posted 11/15/02; 1:04:31 PM
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This was written during a time when I was in a state of depression many years ago, and ironically it is one of my favorite works.

Originally it was a bit of a dissonate sounding piano peice (named Pianos of the Empty Soul) that came out of pure luck, and was written in the MOD format.

The chords I got from a scene in Final Fantasy 7 video game where you can play the piano, and there's four chords on the piano. I used those chords. Then I wrote the 'melody' using almost only notes found in the chord that was playing at the time. I knew nothing about music, it was more of an experiment.

Today, I converted the song from MOD to MIDI and then changed the piano to orchestral strings, added the String Ensemble and the Cello and the result is as you hear.

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