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Blues Boogie - alternate

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Submitted by David Luebbert
Posted 4/20/01; 4:25:25 PM
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This is a C Blues chord accompaniment which uses the rhythmic figures typical of boogie woogie that are frequently used in Black Gospel music. This is a variation on the basic blues boogie.

This boogie variant changes the left hand figure played on the last third of the fourth beat that leads into beat one of the next measure. Instead of playing the two note interval consisting of the chord root and perfect fifth, on this fourth beat lead in, the piano player plays the root and flatted fifth with the left hand and adds at the same time the minor third in the right hand. This interval provides the blue notes usually expected in a blues which slide into the major third and perfect fifth used throughout the rest of the figure.

In this blues, the pattern visits the chords C7, F7 and G7 in the usual twelve bar blues form: C7 C7 C7 C7 F7 F7 C7 C7 G7 F7 C7 C7

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