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You can present your musical compositions on the Songtrellis site. It's pretty simple to get started.

First, become a member of the site. Press the "Join Now" link in the upper right corner of most Songtrellis pages. In the sign on session, submit your email address and the version of your name that you wish to use as the composer of your work.

After you submit this info, if you follow the "Song Discussions" link on the site menu bar you'll see the "Discussion Group" panel which shows a calendar and a summary of items that were submitted to the site on the last day it had activity. If you follow the link entitled "Submit a new sound", you'll enter a panel at which you can describe the tune to be submitted and from which you can browse on your hard disk to locate the sound file to be submitted. You may submit any sound in MIDI, WAV, AU, or AIFF format that you hold copyright for or any such sound that is in the public domain. If a sound you submit violates someones copyright, we will delete it when we become aware of the violation.

We are willing to accept new compositions until we fill the very large server that the site resides upon. We would prefer that submissions be made in MIDI format if possible since that format is very compact and can easily be transmitted to almost any user's machine in a a few seconds. Other formats are welcome also, but if too much space is burned on the server we may, in the future, restrict the submission of sounds in non-MIDI formats.

In the typein box entitled "Text" in the "Submit a new sound" panel, you may type in any descriptive text you may wish to have displayed in the tune lists that Songtrellis will automatically generate for your compositions.

This panel will assume that you are the copyright holder for the composition and will fill in the name you used during Sign Up in the "Composer" field. In the "Copyright notice" field it will stub in the beginning of your copyright notice which you should complete. If you believe that the piece is in the public domain you should fill in the name of the composer in the "Composer" field and clear the "Copyright notice" field. If you don't know the composer fill in the "Composer" field using the names "Unknown" or "Traditional". If you leave the "Composer" field blank, you will receive an error response upon submission. Once you press the Submit button, the Songtrellis server will transfer a copy of your tune to the server and will prepare tune list for your compositions and add the composer of the tune you've submitted to the Our Composers list and also add your name to the "Our Contributors" list. Both of these lists will include links to the tune you've submitted.

I believe that we composers will derive great benefit from banding together and displaying our work in a common showcase. I believe we can use the site's discussion group and use it to exchange ideas and to learn from one another. This site is going to be a lot of fun!

If you decide to subit work here, I'd like to welcome you to this site. Please email me with any ideas you might have to change the site so we may increase the site's value to you.

If you object to offering your work in this forum, please consider sending me email so that I will be able to understand your objections and can work to improve the site so that it finally meets with your approval.


Dave Luebbert (, your webmaster

Last update: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 at 11:04 PM.