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Author Gary Sherman
Posted 11/15/00; 10:25:52 AM
Topic The Meaning of the Blues and . . .
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Hi David,

Thanks for responding. There is an old LP recording of The Meaning Of The Blues by Julie London on Liberty (LST 7012) which was produced by her husband, the pieces composer, Bobby Troup, in an arrangement by Russ Garcia. Gil Evans also arranged it for Miles Davis on "Miles Ahead, Miles Davis + 19".

"Tulip or Turnip" is recorded on Concord (CJ-27), "Bill Berry's L. A. Big Band" with Jack Sheldon as vocal and trumpet soloist. The liner notes make reference to Ellington's 78 rpm recording in the forties on Musicraft with Ray Nance as soloist.

I thought The Meaning Of The Blues had appeared in one of the new "Fake" or "Real" books, but I'm not finding it.

Thanks again for the interest,

Gary Sherman

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