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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/27/11; 12:17:43 AM
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High speed rhythm discovery - Play Rhythm helped me do this

Take a look at the log of the 16 rhythms that were registered in the SongTrellis Rhythm Web yesterday.

Now take a look at the time stamps of the log entries. Until the last six minutes of the day only 3 new rhythms were registered. The last 13 of those rhythms were discovered and registered in the Rhythm Web during the last 5 minutes 35 seconds of the day (from 11:54:26 PM through 11:59:59 PM). The last one was recorded in the last second of the day.

I did all of that that using this site's new Play Rhythm service.

Believe me, my imagination for inventing new rhythms does not work with that kind of speed, fluency or variety. And I'm an extremely slow and inaccurate two-finger typist. If I had to type parameters to specify these new rhythms, perhaps I could have done one in five minutes time, certainly not 13 of them.

What I CAN do quickly is to listen to a series of ideas that are presented in quick succession and quickly decide if I value the presented ideas. If I like how a new idea sounds but don't like the tempo that it's played with, I can quickly reach into a URL that describes the new idea and change it's tempo to something I enjoy.

I can quickly audition a new version of a rhythm, because Play Rhythm usually responds to requests in a second or two. If I finally like what I hear, I can submit it to the Rhythm Web, which catches new rhythm ideas that SongTrellis visitors recommend, a second or so later.

From the evidence of yesterdays Rhythm Submission log, I can discover and log an entirely new rhythm structure, suitable for practice, composition or study, two or three times per minute.

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Last update: Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 12:58 AM.