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Author Kevyn Cunningham
Posted 2/25/10; 6:41:58 PM
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I've been playing the Alto sax for quite some time now....put it down for a while as i wasn't getting anywhere...just recently(3months)started again.I practise approx 2-3 hrs a daythe following: 1)Long tones,overblowin etc.(15mins) 2)Scales/chords(45mins) 3)Playing around the blues,30mins(G,C &D).Really just trying to get the changes into my fingers/ear.I play a very simple blues but i am beginning to play through the changes.The blues i've been practising: I-IV-I-I IV-IV-I-I V-IV-I-I 4)Transcribe.30-45mins.Working on Paul Desmonds playing Emily(youtube).

I'm working with a good teacher,he put me onto this blues.He's not a fan of working too much on scales etc.He's into 1)Think it first2)play it....He's trying to get me started in the way of thinkng the changes first.

I guess my questions are: 1)Anyone have a more effective way of practising scales.I will be playing DbM and find my head is thinking about dinner later on,or whats on the TV.I need to feel more engaged with the scale.I can pick up the sax and play GbM no problem..but if you ask me what notes they are..i would take a little longer. 2)Am i missing anything from my practise schedule?I about to kick it up to at least 4 hrs a day for the next few months(addicted?). 3)What would be the first "standard"to start start getting my teeth into regarding learning the changes? 4)Any interesting websites regarding theory/practising etc...

Appreciate any help.

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