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Author David Luebbert
Posted 7/23/00; 8:30:06 PM
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OK, I was actually able to produce 26 chord-plus-rhythm arrangements since last night.

I did new arrangements for

If there are any of the changes that don't yet have a rhythm accompaniment that you'd like to have right away, let me tell you how I created these new ones. With the materials available on the site you can create your own chord plus rhythm arrangements in two or three minutes.

First, download a copy of the Hi-Hat and Ride sequence from The Rhythms. Next download a copy of a sequence in 4/4 time from The Changes that has no rhythm track. The chord only sequences on SongTrellis consist of a single track containing the chords of a tune in a type 2 MIDI file. Open up the chord sequence file and the Hi-Hat and Ride sequence in a sequencer. Add as many bars of the rhythm as are in the chord sequence. Replicate the combined chord and rhythm sequence enough times so that the tune plays through 6 to 8 times. Adjust the balance of the voices in the sequence and make sure the rhythm parts are mapped to a MIDI drum kit. Save this sequnce and you're in business.

If you like how it turns out, submit it as a new sound in reply to the chord sequnce that was copied. I will notice that you've submitted it when I read the notification mail that is automatically sent to me. I will link it into SongTrellis's database as a chord plus rhythm alernative to an existing sequence.

Slick as anything.

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