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Author David Luebbert
Posted 11/24/08; 12:20:27 PM
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Thanks for this report, Lisa. The server software, which produces this score, keeps track of several voices within a score and is displaying the wrong one.

I'm in the middle of making a major change to the code that handles scores that is not ready to check in yet. I hope to be able to check those changes in along with a fix to this error in a few days.

Until the fix is checked in, this workaround should give you what you need:

1) In the Excerpt Service window for the rhythm, press Play.

2) Follow the link labeled "Launch Tunetext page for this excerpt" that appears in the form.

3) A Tunetext URL appears which plays the music and again shows the empty score. After the the first '&' character in the URL there is text which reads "text=voice1:". Replace this without adding any additional spaces with the text "text=chords:", and then hit return in your browser to submit the changed URL. You should see a score appear that shows the rhythm expressed as a set of pitches on a treble clef staff.

This change to the URL moves the rhythm notation so that it's displayed in the score's Chord voice which is displaying notes rather than in melody Voice 1, which has incorrectly been made invisible.

The score that is produced is not correct percussion notation, but it will allow you to figure out the succession of durations within the rhythm. Each pitch for a note selects a particular Standard MIDI percussion instrument to be played. If the 16393 that appears after the "inst:" string in the URL were changed into a integer number between 1 and 128, the rhythm would be interpreted by the melodic instrument chosen from the Standard MIDI instrument set that is selected via that integer.

The features of the SongTrellis site should work on any browser running on any computer architecture that is capable of playing MIDI files, displaying JPEG and GIF graphics files, running JavaScript, and playing QuickTime movies. Most browsers are set to do this by default.

The music editing software that produces Excerpts and responds to Tunetext requests is hosted on a Mac Mini.

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