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Author Charles Schoonmaker
Posted 10/27/07; 12:10:56 PM
Topic Chas Schoonmaker's Testimonial for the Excerpt Service
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   You know the old adage " Print anything you like about me ..but please just spell my name right !!" .. To wit :  My last name is ' Schoonmaker', which is dreived from the Dutch meaning  'Ship Builder ..( Schooner- maker.. get it ? ) .. My ancestors came over here 350 years ago and we still have to fight to get the name spelled correctly..( Hmmmmm )...

Seriously, I encourage any and all to use Dave's transposition program .. and for those guitarist's interested in ' Begin the Beguine' .. when you transpose it to A, play that first 6th using the F# of the base E-string and you'll hear a new blast of richness which comes from what are loosely known as 'orchestral chords' on the Guitar..

 Thanks, and above all,  keep practicing !!  Chas Schoonmaker

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