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Author Jean-Luc
Posted 10/6/07; 12:37:43 PM
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There are several tunes that I think this site should post. They are: Bachafillen (Garnett Brown) The Stroker (Lee Morgan) Witch Fire (Booker Little) We Speak (Booker Little) Moods in Free Time (Booker Little) Quiet Please (Booker Little) Hazy Hues (Booker Little) Opening Statememt (Booker Little) Bee Tee's Minor Plea (Booker Little) Life's A Little Blue (Booker Little) Victory and Sorrow (Booker Little) Forward Flight (Booker Little) Looking Ahead (Booker Little) Calling Softly (Booker Little) Booker's Blues (Booker Little) Ode to Charlie Parker (Eric Dolphy) Iron Man (Eric Dolphy) Brown's Town (Kenny Dorham) Smokestack (Andrew Hill) Without Malice (Andrew Hill) Sound Carrier (Freddie Hubbard) Mama (Max Roach) Tender Warriors (Max Roach) Praise for a Martyr (Max Roach) Free For All (Wayne Shorter) Angola (Wayne Shorter) The Soothsayer (Wayne Shorter) Asiatic Raes (Kenny Dorham) The Changing Scene (Hank Mobley) For Duke P. (Bobby Hutcherson) Mirrors (Joe Chambers) Street Singer (Tina Brooks) Medina (Tina Brooks) Breaking Point (Freddie Hubbard) The Morning After (Hank Mobley) East of the Village (Hank Mobley) No Room For Squares (Hank Mobley) Short Story (Kenny Dorham) Tanya (Donald Byrd) French Spice (Donald Byrd) Fuego (Donald Byrd) Low Life (Donald Byrd) Lament (Donald Byrd) Hub's Nub (Freddie Hubbard) Down Under (Freddie Hubbard) Luana (Freddie Hubbard) Osie Mae (Freddie Hubbard) Plexus (Freddie Hubbard) Earmon Jr. (Freddie Hubbard)

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