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Author Marvin "Doc" Holladay
Posted 8/10/06; 3:39:22 PM
Topic Gahu (260 bpm)
Msg# 4889 (in response to 424)
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Dear Friends,

This is about as close to Gahu as I am living next door to you [I'm currently living in Cumbaya, Ecuador].  If you really want a representation of Gahu I would most happy to assist.

1.  There are 5 distinct and separate patterns that comprise Gahu

     a.  Bell [Congkoqui]

     b.  Kaganu [high pitch drum]

     c.  Sogo [low pitch drum]

     d.  Kidi [medium pitch drum]

     e. Axaste [Rattle]

2.  In addition to these 5 distinct patterns there is Atsemevu [master drum] which has the responsibility of tying them all together improvisationally or by imploying many many variations of the lesser drum patterns.  The complexity resulting from this density of interrelational patterns is not, in any way, demonstrated by the rhythm you are passing off as Gahu.

Your pattern does NOT represent any one of the essential patterns that make up Gahu.   

I am quite dissapppointed.

Marvin "Doc" Holladay

Musician, Ethnomusicologist [whose academic concentration .was in West African music]    

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