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Author David Luebbert
Posted 4/10/00; 3:41:58 PM
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What's a Song Trellis?
You know about trellises, right? They are a framework that supports a plant while it grows. They allow a plant to grow straight while its stem strengthens. They also keep a plant's fruit out of the dirt. Because the plant doesn't have to fight parasites and fungi as much, it can put a lot more energy into growing new fruit. Farmers and vineyard keepers discovered eons ago that fruit yields increase tremendously when they use trellises to support viney and shrubby plants.
This site is a framework that supports the growth of songs and new music, a trellis for song.
With few exceptions, humans love to listen to music. Nearly everyone has musical aspirations. If you can't sing, you probably wish that you could. If you sing poorly, you wish you could do better. If you sing well, there are probably hundreds of songs you wish you could learn.
Many of you have some experience with a musical instrument. For many, your experience was not good and you've given up. There are others of you who are learning to play, and take lessons regularly.You folks have had to solve hundreds of musical puzzles to get to your current level of accomplishment, but have hundreds or thousands more ahead of you. Some of you play music beautifully by ear but read poorly or not at all. Some of you read so well you can translate flyspecks on paper into music but can do nothing by ear. You all have the same problem as the singers. There are hundreds or thousands of tunes you'd like to learn to play.
The people in music who seem like magicians are those who can improvise masterfully and those who can compose new things. These folks seem to stand on a tall mountain gazing down on the wee folk below. Many people dream about climbing up to join them. A smaller number fortify themselves and start the climb. Those who are high up there, realize that there is always climbing room above them and that there's still a lot of territory to cover.
Here's the game we'd like to play with you. We hope that every time you visit here, you learn something new about music. If you can't sing or play, we want to help you get started. If you sing or play, we want to help you find new things to perform and help you increase your proficiency. If you want to learn to compose or improvise, we can help you a lot.

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