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Author mark raday
Posted 7/10/01; 3:51:47 PM
Topic I love this site.......
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One more chatty post and then i'll stop cluttering up this otherwise musical thread with excess verbage.

First, i'd like to apologize for my arrogantly idiotic editorial on the changes to that tune.  Second, i'd like to proceed to disagree with my own editorial comment.   Please understand that i found this site from a tune title submitted to a search engine.  All of a sudden, i'm getting the tune!  As a relative newbie to the cyberworld, i was enthralled and amazed.  When i saw the discussion on Giant Steps, of course, i HAD to join the group and attempt a poorly executed vote of support.  Only later did i find the  HUGE list of tunes....many unavailable in the usual sources.  At THAT point, i really felt like a JERK.  ("i could sit on a dime and swing my legs", to quote my brother).   David, you (and others) have obviously put a LOTTA work into this thing!

Contrary to the point made in my first post (i argue with myself a good bit), i think it's a GOOD idea to lay out the basic lead sheet changes first.  Then, we can add our own color. 

Anyway, having located the album on which i heard that tune at Amazon, i should have it in a few days and, if i can figure out how to do it, i'll submit the changes they used.  (Now, i OWE it to you).  Nothing was just something to break up the extended I chord.  (btw...Helen Merrill is a pretty interesting singer (as singers go) and Clifford Brown is a featured soloist on this album).

Again....i humbly apologize if i sounded critical.  I can only say, in true Richard Nixon flavor, "I am NOT an asshole".


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