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Author David Luebbert
Posted 3/13/01; 4:17:18 PM
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Abakua thru Kpanlogo

We're more than halfway through with our revamp of  The Rhythms. All of the ensemble rhythms from Abakua through Kpanlogo now have listings for the individual rhythm parts that are played by a percussion group to produce the rhythm.

The high part of Bembe Shango , the low drum part of Acpala, the Bomba middle drum part, the Comparsa middle drum part,  the Cumbia high part, the middle and low drum parts of Fanga, the middle part of Jesse Malanga, and the low and second middle parts of Kpanlogo sound very cool on their own. After you hear these, listen to the entire ensemble rhythms in The Rhythms and see if you can hear how they contribute to the rhythm's sound.

New compositions

Brent M. Holl sent in a blues entitled Dude over the weekend.

New changes

For you chordally oriented visitors, we've added since Friday Jerome Kern's Dearly Beloved, Richard Rodgers It Might As Well Be Spring, and Tadd Dameron's  If You Could See Me Now

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