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Author David Luebbert
Posted 12/12/00; 11:55:22 PM
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SongTrellis - Music And Musical Know-How For You SongTrellis Home Page - News, Recent contributions Latest Topics - A newest-first listing of this month's contributions SongTrellis Composers - Composers Who Present Work on SongTrellis Main Directory Albert Chiu Nicolas Longuet David Luebbert Matt Luebbert Paul Mulcahy SongTrellis Music Editor For Mac Feature Summary Complete Feature List Impressive things you can do with the SongTrellis Music Editor in two minutes or less The Rhythms - African, Afro-Cuban And Swing Rhythms The Changes - Chord Progressions for Practice, Improvisation, Composition and Study The Animations - Musical Scores Animated As QuickTime movies From Nothing To Something in 144 minutes - case study showing how Dave Luebbert created a new tune with the SongTrellis Music Editor in a few hours one afternoon Become A SongTrellis Composer - Reasons to present your work on the SongTrellis site SongTrellis Jukebox - Will visit in random order some of the better original compositions submitted to SongTrellis. A description of a tune will display in your browser and the tune will play as a background sound. When the tune completes a new tune's description will come forward and begin to play. Refreshing a tune description page will cause the tune to restart. Pressing the Jukebox link in the link bar at the top of a page will interrupt whatever is playing and start a new tune. Webmaster's Biography

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