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Description of Collin Webber's tunes Show me the tune descriptions
All compositions, ©1996-2008, Collin Webber. All rights reserved
28 compositions listed 
Spherical (Jazz quartet song)

Monkish number, hence the title (Sphere was Monk's middle name).

32 bar AABA "Rhythm" format, but chords all over the place.

Spherical (Quartet jazz number)

Monkish tune 32 bar A A B A.

Monk's middle name was 'Sphere', hence the title.

Catwalk (Slow jazz walk)

Dedicated to my son, Tristan Webber, one of Britain's top fashion designers, this A A B A   is slinky in slow 7/4 time against a 6/8 or 12/8 beat and the melody based on 4ths

The contrasting bridge is is 4/4.

Imagine a model(s) strolling along the catwalk, all legs, boobs and floating diaphanous stuff.



Detour (Jazz number)

Straight A A 32 bars. Sounds best as a big band number, but small groups have made a great job of it at times.



Dusky Maiden (Bossa nova)

A 40 bar bossa. Imagine a  long-legged, sun-tanned creature strolling along the sun drenched steets , gentle smile, and you've got it in one.  

El Matadore (Flamenco jazz)

Flamenco type tune with challenging chords.

Picture a bull fight and you've got what I was aiming for.

Evening Sunrise (Bossa nova)

A 32 bar A A, gentle bossa in C minor. The song resolves at the end of each A section, but to a D instead of a C and the chords shift to Fm and Cm each time.  


For three nights running

32 bar A A in 4/4 and 3/4, hence the title.


For three nights running (Jazz number)

Quartet number

A A.  8 bars of 4/4, 8 bars of 3/4 twice, hence the title "For three..."

Free Rolling (Shuffle in 7/4)

7/4 roller. 123  1234.  Lots of 4 part screeching and wailing.


64 bar A B C D in 6/8, here as a small group number, but works well as a big band number.


Funk Tank

Highly chromatic melody and chords over just one chord  C7  all the way, just to prove that jazz can be totally atonal, polytonal or non-tonal and still work.

Gettin' there (Jazz blues)

Simple12 bar blues, except that  the chords are all over the place.

The format is actually 2 choruses with the same melody notes played over 12 bars in F(ish) blues, then 12 bars in Bb(again ish) blues.




Highway Two (Jazz number)

Swing number  4/4 A B A .   The A sections are 16 bars long and the Bridge is 8 bars.  Deceptive harmonies modulate 1/2 tone up halfway through both A sections., from Bb to B then bridge then B to C.  



I got Rhythmss

Chords nicked from I Got Rhythm, first part of melody from Oleo, but  4 bars of 3/4, 4 bars of 4/4. Bridge in 4/4 and last A in 3/4 and 4/4.

Solos in the same time(s).


Lady Longlegs ( jazz number)

A A B A  in 5/4 . I picture a beautiful woman dancing around in the........



Me 'n' Mo

Ballad dedicated to my Wife, Maureen.

Opening Number (Jazz song)

32 bars  in G at around 200 on the chords of How High the Moon.

1 chorus if theme, 1 chorus solo and then out chorus.  

Other things you are.

Simple 5/4 variation of All The Things You Are in Ab, using a repeated theme as the link throughout.

Over N'ova (bossa nova)

A A B A . Each A is 32 bars long and the B section 16 bars.



Peanut (Jazz trio song)

Straight jazz trio swing dedicated to my grandson, Oberon, now 8 months, who, like all babies, looked like a peanut in his prenatal scans..

The song structure is based on John Coltrane's Giant Steps, but I've used the A  A  32 bar structure as an A  A  B  A , placing the same A melody over the different 8 bar chords and the bridge over the 1st 8 bars.(whatever that all means)

Shibui (Jazz song for small combo)

A slightly Japanese 5/4 piece originally written for alto in F minor. The first 2 bar phrase is inspired by Paul Desmond's opening solo phrase on his own composition "Take Ten" on the disc of that name.

Then the chords shift under the A A B A melody and the final A modulates in the last bars to F major.

Shibui is a Japanese term meaning, among other things, subtle, gentle artistry without effort.  

Spherical (Jazz quartet number)
32 bar A A B A. Monkish number, hence the title (Monk's middle name was 'Sphere'.
Spherical (Jazz quartet song)

Monkish AABA.

Monk's middle name was Sphere, hence the title.

St Lucia ( Carribean lilt in 7/4 )

Memories of beautiful St Lucia, A A B A . An unashamed Carribean variation  of "Catwalk"  Each A section is very bluesy in slow 7/4 time against the fast Carribean rhythm, and the melody based on intervals of 4ths, while the contrasting bridge is is 4/4.

Because of the slow structure and the distinctive last 3 beats of each bar, it's much easier to solo in 7/4 than you'd think.  

Time's Flow
Viennese Walt (jazz waltz((almost)) )

At 11/4 time, this is not quite a Viennese Waltz, hence the title.

In true Brubeck / Desmond tradition the 11 is broken into 3 2 3 3, giving it a totally different feel to 3 3 3 2.

The melody is played in intervals of 6ths by trumpets, trombones and the solo is by jazz guitar.


Waltz for Wobby (Jazz Waltz)

A A B A in F , 32 bars plus a 2 bar turn around on each chorus .'. 34 bars

Named after my daughter who wobbled when she walked before having corrective treatment on  her baby feet.  

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Collin Webber. All rights reserved.

Last update: Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 10:46 PM.