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All compositions, ©1996-2008, Sid Thomas. All rights reserved
2 compositions listed 

Here's my first composition for the trellis.  It's 10 in a bar (guys in the band say I have to take a shoe off to count them in), with changes that keep coming at you, but after a while it's possible (I think) to get in the groove and do something with it.




...and here's my second.  This time much more user-friendly, with an ostinato (some people say monotonous) bass figure and a few chords moving on top.  Sorry if the gradual build up of clustered chords, doubled in octaves, fries your soundcard, but I was in a Bartok frame of mind when I laid this down, and art will not be denied...


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Copyright © 1996-2008 Sid Thomas. All rights reserved.

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