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All compositions, ©1996-2008, John Shaw-Rimmington. All rights reserved
7 compositions listed 
This is the melody I think may work with your Cycle music david.
Cyclamen melody
Woops...sorry, This is the longer version. 
God save this song
This is my first attempt at composing /arranging /distorting /destroying ? with your Songtrellis program...It's really an amazing piece of software. I am going to have fun with it. Thanks Dave.
God Save This Song (again)
This should work.
Hymn for Him
This is a simple piece I composed for a local men's choir. I am working on scoring it for a full SATBB and this is the half way point. It has words which I will make available if anyone is interested. I am experimenting with dynamics which may not come accross at all on a simple midi file. See what you think. J
This was my first attempt to write something in a 'jazz' style on my new roland d10 with a music program on an old mac s.e. quite a while ago. Wish I knew more about jazz back then, AND now! It sort of limps along at times. I dont think I could fool many people that I knew what I was doing.
Once I tried
Trying out the songtrellis application is fun. The chord progression I'm playing with here keeps putting the melody naturally into a new key. There are more words and new keys to come. A little difficulty in adding lyrics david. It seems to accept 5 new words or so before crashing unless I save a fresh copy all the time.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 John Shaw-Rimmington. All rights reserved.

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