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All compositions, ©1996-2008, Hypno Healer. All rights reserved
3 compositions listed 
Beyond Forever

Imagine your self as an integral part of all space and all time.

Imagine that there is a flow of Time from the very beginning of Creation to the very end of Eternity.

Imagine that this flow is the very source of creation, the core of all change, and, when you can feel it passing around and through you as easily and effortlessly as breathing, that you can surrender just as easily and effortlessly with each gentle breath to this flow and allow it to carry you through Eternity, through your many births, lives and deaths, seamlessly without end.

How big your Life becomes.

This is a 4 minute song to accompany you, to guide you on that journey.


Collin Webber  

In the beginning
A 16 minute meditation track that you can use as background music to transport you back to  beginning of existence, a time before fear, a time when there were only possiblities, potential, a time when you can choose which resources you wish to carry with you into the future, to live a passionate and fulfilling life.
The Flow of Time

A powerfully hypnotic tune to be used when you are willing to let go and commit yourself to going with the flow of Time. The instant that you make this committment, you will find deep inner peace waiting for you.

For 22 minutes, this tune will carry you down to the most relaxing state of mind and body and bring you back feeling a heightened awareness and strangely alive.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Hypno Healer. All rights reserved.

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