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Description of Bernie Chinn's tunes Show me the tune descriptions
All compositions, ©1996-2008, Bernie Chinn. All rights reserved
40 compositions listed 
'round the bend
4th Impro. on changes of 'All the things you are'
As my earlier version of Variations on the changes of 'All the things you are' seem to arouse some interest, I thought I would provide a couple more choruses along the same lines.
A Gentle Touch
A little romantic piano doodling.
Bernie's Blues
A few choruses in the blues idiom, illustrating a few of the many harmonic variations available.
Bernie's Bounce
A little piano solo in the 'swing' idiom, not much heard these days.
Don't run away
After I had written this, I felt that the middle section had an unintentional  but fleeting resemblance to a well known opera, does anyone else agree? 
Doodle 38
A short piece of piano 'doodling'. I don't feel it justifies a real title.
This piece features the flute, and as a point of interest, the flute part was played 'live' on my Roland Synth.
A piano piece based roughly on a slow Baion tempo, just something a little different.
Happy Birthday Take 1
I thought I would have a little fun with the traditional 'Happy Birthday' song. This version is in fours, part 2 follows in 3/4.
Happy Birthday Take 2
'Birthday' in usual waltz time.
High Flyer
Impro Body and Soul
Another jazz classic which is an ideal vehicle for improvisation.  I hope I have done it justice.
Impro on changes 'Our love is here to stay'
Just another indulgence in my favourite musical pastime.
Impro on changes of Have You Met Miss Jones?
One of my favourite standards, with a testing middle section. A good exercise for budding jazz enthusiasts.
Impro on changes of 'Summertime'
This one represents a bit of a challenge, in a minor key with some subtle harmonic shifts.
Impro on changes of 'Tea for Two'
'Tea for Two' has a pleasant set of harmonies, and a good vehicle for a spot of improvisation.
Impro. on changes of 'Green Leaves of Summer'
'Green leaves of Summer' was one of the main themes from the film 'The Alamo', and is another ideal candidate for an improvisation'
Impro. on the changes of 'Here's that Rainy Day'
Another improvisation based on a really lovely old standard.
Impro: "Deep in a dream"
This is a beautiful old romantic song recorded by Sinatra,etc. Well worth a listenFind it at
Improvisation on Fly Me To The Moon
Improvisation on This Masquerade
This Masquerade is perhaps one of the lesser known Carpenters songs, but it has a subtle blend of harmonies which I like. The result is rather wistful, but a nice change - (IMO of course). If anyone is interested, the original Carpenters version is available on YouTube.
Knee Deep
A short piece of piano nonsense.
Lake Echo
A little more traditional mood music.
Let's go !
Misty Mountain
A spot of mood music.
A little mood music for piano.
Musical Moment
My daily 'doodles' on the piano usually end up in the bin, but on this occasion, I recorded the first few moments and felt the result was worth posting.
Sadly, the use of interesting harmonic sequences in modern popular music seems to be rather lacking, so I tried to remedy the matter with this little offering.
I felt it was about time I made another contribution so here is an experiment with unusual harmonic sequences in waltz time.
The start of a full length piano rhapsody piece which I got bored with and so decided to finish after 2 1/2 minutes.
Another little item for piano ----
Shady Lanes
Another spot of mood music - I tend to run out of titles for my little items, any suggestions would be welcome.
You've read the description - here's the music !!
Another little offering in the 'mood music' tradition.
Village Green
A little light orchestral piece.
What's this?
Another minor offering from a slightly deranged musical brain.
Which Way
This is halfway between and original item and an improvisation on a well known drinking song.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Bernie Chinn. All rights reserved.

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