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Description of Gil Bien-AimÈ's tunes Show me the tune descriptions
All compositions, ©1996-2008, Gil Bien-AimÈ. All rights reserved
5 compositions listed 
Cinco (rev 3.4)
Written a year ago on May 5th, I decided to give it the working name of "Cinco" This is a jazzy piece hopefully with a bridge to satisfy Chas! =o) LOL
Melancholy Brown (rev. 5b)
Chorus: ---

Melancholy Brown

'Cause that's how she gets down

When she sleeps around

She never, ever wears a frown

She got not time for blue

When she smiles at you

Her heart aint true

'Cause that's how she do

Melancholy Brown

She'll cheat on you

'Cause that's how she gets down

Morados (rev. 3)
What do you do...when your romantic relationship with your best friend must come to an end because you are not in love? I guess I tried to answer that with the composition of this mellow, jazzy ballad.
No Apology Required (rev. 11)
Here is a deliberately sorrowful ballad I wrote to comfort me during the exit of a romantic interest out of my Life. The craziness of it all was that the "final straw" was over a difference in opinion on some now forgotten subject that led to a demand for an apology because.......because we disagreed!
Over the Rainbow [I will fly] (rev 4.5)
During time of stress, I often found myself enjoying the sound and lyrics of this hopefully uplifting jazz/hip hop influenced original composition.

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Copyright © 1996-2008 Gil Bien-AimÈ. All rights reserved.

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