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Composer Don root    (click to list other tunes)
Copyright Copyright ©2002, Don Root
Submitted by Don Root
Posted 12/28/02; 3:18:38 AM
Msg# 3311 (top msg in thread)
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Note to Don: We had a problem with our site database which made it necessary to regenerate the previous seven day's discussion group entries by hand. We didn't have a copy of your .mid for Triplicity so we have temporarily loaded a placeholder sequence consisting of a single C major chord.

You can upload the correct sequence by logging in, pressing the 'Edit This Page' button, selecting the sequence on your hard disk via the 'Browse' button and then pressing the 'Post Changes' button. If you have any questions, send me mail at";">";;">";">";;; ;><;;">;lt;;">;">;;lt;;/A>

I tried to contact you via your netzero email id, but my mail bounced due to problems with that email id. You can delete this after you've read this.

Dave Luebbert

This composittion is written for an intermediate or middle school concert band or perhaps a less experienced senior hih school concert band As the title, Triplicity, implies it is written in three sections which are subtitled "Prime Mover", "Reflections*, and "Neo Energy

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